In connection with LaserLaB Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam there are a few Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that can be followed.

 Bachelor’s programmes

The Bachelor’s programmes are  three-year studies (180 ECTS), which includes courses and practical training. The research groups of the LaserLaB Amsterdam are involved in these programmes. The Bachelor’s courses are taught in Dutch.
-          Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry

-          Bachelor’s programme in Physics

 Master’s programmes

In each case the Master’s programme is a two-year study (120 ECTS) and there is one year (60 ECTS) of laboratory training stage, that can be taken in one of the research groups in the LaserLaB Amsterdam. All Masters courses are taught in English, and English is the language in the research groups; the Master’s thesis will be written in English as well.
-          Master’s programme in Chemistry
-          Master’s programme in Physics