Colloquium Paolo De Natale



M129, VU University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam

Frequency-comb-assisted coherent sources from the mid-IR to the THz range: metrological tools for harnessing molecules

Paolo De Natale, INO, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica – CNR, and LENS, European Laboratory for NonLinear Spectroscopy, Italy




My talk will discuss recent results, obtained at INO-CNR and LENS, on THz comb generation and spectroscopic application as well as mid-IR comb referencing of non-linear sources and Quantum cascade lasers for very high sensitivity spectroscopic applications. Combination of this novel class of coherent sources with spectroscopic techniques that take advantage of the peculiar ro-vibrational molecular resonances are already providing detection sensitivities well below 1 ppt and accuracies in frequency measurements around 10-12. Fiber dissemination of frequency standards and creation of cold molecular samples can significantly improve present results and have an impact on current physical models.