Prizes and grants 2020

ERC Advanced Grant
Gijs Wuite
(€ 2,5 million)
Mechanically mapped chromosomes

ERC Proof of Concept Grant
Wim Ubachsand Edcel Salumbides
(€ 150.000)
BREATHSENS: Breath analysis sensor for disease detection in the dairy industry

Roberta Croce and John Kennis
(€ 2,8 million) 
Nanoscale regulators of photosynthesis
Plants depend on sunlight for their energy supply. With the use of an ingenious antenna system they use this light very efficiently but in bright sunlight the chances to induce photodamage increase substantially. Fortunately, plants can cope with these dangers with the use of a special protein called PsbS. However, it is completely unknown how this protein does its job. A broad consortium of plant biologists, chemists and physicists team up to investigate with advanced experimental and theoretical methods how PsbS can recognize the danger and set in motion a cascade of processes that lead to efficient photoprotection.

EU-Creative Europe program
Raoul Frese
(€ 2,8 million - A consortium of European art and science organisations)

Maximilian Beyer
(€ 250.000)
Weakly bound molecular ions to probe fundamental physics
Laser light and electric fields are used to generate a molecular ion and to keep it fixed in space. The ion can be visualized as two spheres connected by a spring. A measurement of the vibrations of the spring is used to learn whether fundamental physical constants change over time.