Research Projects

Fiber-top thechology: miniaturized sensors on the tip of a fiber
Physics at the micron and submicron scale: from the simir effect to chameleon fields
High-resolution laser spectroscopy in molecular beams
Variation of Mp/Me on a cosmological time scale?
Laserspectroscopy for Astrochemistry and the Earth’s Atmosphere 
Motor proteins: molecular mechanisms and roles in cellular processes
The dynamics and mechanics of DNA and DNA-binding proteins
The Physics of Viruses
Photoinduced processes in functionalized and organized organic semiconductors 
Spectroscopy and application of confined systems
Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy  
Single-molecule spectroscopy of intrinsically fluorescing systems 
The dynamics of protein transport 
Microspectroscopy of Photonic Materials 
Global and target analysis of time-resolved spectra
ATP synthase: a Bio-Molecular Power Station
Precision tests on cold molecules
Precision Tests using Molecules
Ultra high precision metrology using frequency combs
Laser based x-ray generation and microscopy  
Artificial photosythesis 
Biophotonic switches and sensors
Optical Coherence Tomography

Lasers and fundamental research of matter 

Phase controlled terawatt lasers and ultra-fast X-rays
Ultra-high resolution XUV spectroscopy
A molecular fountain clock
High-resolution molecular spectroscopy at cryogenic temperatures

Lasers and life sciences

Coupling analytical separation with spectroscopic detection and/or identification methods
Elementary reactions in biology studied with ultrashort laser pulses
Ultrafast events in Carotenoids
The primary processes in photosynthesis
How photoreceptors detect photons