Publications 2005

Publications at LCVU 2005

Best Paper Award LCVU 2005 for the following paper:
M. Atakhorrami, G.H. Koenderink, C.F. Schmidt, F.C. MacKintosh
Short-time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids: observation of vortex propagation
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (2005)208302

Also special nominations for:
S. Witte, R.T. Zinkstok, W. Ubachs, W. Hogervorst, K.S.E. Eikema
Deep ultraviolet quantum-interference metrology with ultrashort laser pulses
Science 307 (2005) 400-403
See also: Perspective on this paper

B. Bahnev, L. van der Sneppen, A.E. Wiskerke, F. Ariese, C. Gooijer, W. Ubachs
Miniaturizated Cavity Ring-Down detection in a liquid flow cell
Anal. Chem. 77 (2005) 1188-1191

Further Highlights 2005:
L.C. Kapitein, E.J.G. Peterman, B.H. Kwok, J.H. Kim, T.M. Kapoor, C.F. Schmidt
The bipolar mitotic kinesin Eg5 moves on both microtubules that it crosslinks
Nature 435 (2005) 114-118

S. Schenkl, F. van Mourik, G. van der Zwan, S. Haacke, M. Chergui
Probing the ultrafast charge translocation of photoexcited retinal in bacteriorhodopsin
Science 309 (5736) (2005) 917-920

M.L. Groot, N.P. Pawlowicz, L.J.G.W. van Wilderen, J. Breton, I.H.M. van Stokkum, R. van Grondelle
Initial electron donor and acceptor in isolated Photosystem II reaction centers identified with femtosecond mid-IR spectroscopy
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102 (2005) 13087-13092

R.C. Shiell, E. Reinhold, F. Magnus, W. Ubachs
Control of diabatic vs. adiabatic field dissociation in a heavy Rydberg system
Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (2005) 213002

H.F. Schouten, N. Kuzmin, G. Dubois, T.D. Visser, G. Gbur, P.F.A. Alkemade, H. Blok, G.W. 't Hooft, D. Lenstra and E. Eliel
Plasmon-assisted two-slit transmission: Young's experiment revisited
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, (2005) 053901


Further Publications:
E.J. Salumbides, J.P. Sprengers, E. Reinhold, W. Ubachs
High precision frequency calibration of N I lines in the XUV domain
J. Phys. B 38 (2005) L383-L387

J.P. Sprengers,E. Reinhold,W. Ubachs,K.G.H. Baldwin,B.R. Lewis
Optical observation of the 3ssg F3Pu Rydberg state of N2
J. Chem. Phys. 123 (2005) 144315.

B.R. Lewis, S.T. Gibson, J.P. Sprengers,W. Ubachs, A. Johansson, C.-G. Wahlstrom
Lifetime and predissociation yield of 14N2b1Pu(v=1) revisited: effects of rotation
J. Chem. Phys. 123 (2005) 236101

M. Sneep, D. Ityaksov, I. Aben, H. Linnartz, W. Ubachs,
Temperature dependent cross sections of O2-O2 collision-induced absorption resonances at 477 nm and 577 nm
J. of Quant. Spectr. Rad. Transfer, in press (2005); PDF Corrected Proof

J. Mes. E.-J. van Duijn, W. Hogervorst,
High-resolution spectroscopy on ground-state transitions of samarium-I
Eur. Phys. J. D 36 (2005) 17-22

R. Zinkstok, S. Witte, K. Eikema,
Extreme precisie bij extreme frequenties
Ned. Tijdschr. v. Natuurkunde 71 (2005) 172-175

E. Reinhold, W. Ubachs,
Heavy Rydberg states
Mol. Phys. 103 (2005) 1329-1352

S. Witte, R.T. Zinkstok, W. Hogervorst, K.S.E. Eikema,
Generation of few-cycle terawatt light pulses using optical parametric chirped pulse amplification
Optics Expres 13 (2005) 4903-4908

A. Pahl, P. Fendel, B. R. Henrich, J. Walz, T. W. Hänsch, and K. S. E. Eikema,
Generation of Continuous Coherent Radiation at Lyman-a and 1S-2P Spectroscopy of Atomic Hydrogen
Laser Physics 15 (2005) 46-54

L. K. Cheng, R. Koops, A. Wielders, W. Ubachs,
Alternative fringe sensor for DARWIN mission
Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 5905, 59051E (2005), link SPIE

L. K. Cheng, R. Koops, A. Wielders, W. Ubachs,
Development of a fringe sensor based on 3x3 fiber optic coupler for space interferometry
Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 5855, 1004 (2005), link SPIE

I. Labazan, E. Reinhold, W. Ubachs, V.V. Flambaum
Wavelength calibration of the C I line at 94.5 nm for comparison with quasar data
Phys. Rev. A 71 (2005) 040501(R)

S. Hannemann, U. Hollenstein, E.-J. van Duijn, W. Ubachs,
Production of narrowband tunable XUV radiation by non-collinear resonance enhanced four-wave mixing
Opt. Lett. 30 (2005) 1494-1496

S. Hannemann, E.-J. van Duijn, W. Ubachs,
Deep-UV high resolution cavity ring-down spectroscopy of the Schumann-Runge bands in 16O2 and 18O2 at wavelengths 197 - 203 nm
J. Mol. Spectr. 232 (2005) 33-38

R.T. Zinkstok, S. Witte, W. Hogervorst, K.S.E. Eikema,
High-power parametric amplification of 11.8 fs laser pulses with carier-envelope phase control
Opt. Lett. 30 (2005) 78-80

I. Velchev, W. Ubachs,
Statistical properties of the Stokes signal in stimulated Brillouin scattering pulse compressors
Phys. Rev. A. 71 (2005) 043810

J.P. Sprengers, W. Ubachs, K.G.H. Baldwin
Lifetime and measurements of the lowest 1Pu states in N2
J. Chem. Phys. 122 (2005) 144301

J.C.J. Koelemeij, W. Hogervorst, W. Vassen
A high-power frequency-stabilized laser for laser cooling of metastable helium at 389 nm
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 76 (2005) 033104

M. Barkauskas, F. Brandi, F. Giammanco, D. Neshev, A. Pirri, W. Ubachs
A novel-type tunable and narrowband extreme ultraviolet radiation source based on high-harmonic conversion of picosecond laser pulses
J. Electr. Spectr. Relat. Phenom. 144-147 (2005) 1151-1155

F. Giammanco, A. Pirri, F. Brandi, M. Barkauskas, W. Ubachs
Measurements of chirp-induced frequency shift in high-harmonic generation in xenon
Laser Physics 15 (2005) 328-333

W. Ubachs,
High resolution molecular physics studies using a laser-based tunable XUV source at 107 resolving power
J. Electr. Spectr. Relat. Phenom. 144-147 (2005) 97-101

M. Sneep, W. Ubachs,
Direct measurement of the Rayleigh scattering cross section in various gases
J. Quant. Spectr. Rad. Transfer 92 (2005) 293-310

H. Volten, O. Muñoz, J.W. Hovenier, J.F. de Haan, W. Vassen, W.J. van der Zande, L.B.F.M. Waters
WWW scattering matrix database for small mineral particles at 441.6 and 632.8 nm
J. Quant. Spectr. Rad. Transfer 90 (2005) 191-206

E.E. Burnell, C.A. de Lange,
NMR as a tool in the investigation of fundamental problems in ordered liquids
Solid State NMR 28 (2005) 182-199

M. Tsubouchi, C.A. de Lange, T. Suzuki
Ultrafast dissociation processes in the NO dimer studied with time-resolved photoelectron imaging
J. Electr. Spectr. Relat. Phenom. 142 (2005) 193-205

J. Sykora, P. Jurkiewicz, R.M. Epand, R. Kraayenhof, M. Langner, M. Hof
Influence of the curvature on the water structure in the headgroup region of phospholipid bilayer studied by the solvent relaxation technique.
Chem. Phys. Lipids 135 (2005) 213

Y.J.M. Bollen, C.P.M. van Mierlo
Protein topology affects the appearance of intermediates during the folding of proteins with a flavodoxin-like fold.
Biophys. Chem. 114 (2005) 181

Y.J.M. Bollen, S.M. Nabuurs, W.J.H. van Berkel, C.P.M. van Mierlo
Last in, first out: the role of cofactor binding in flavodoxin folding.
J. Biol. Chem. 280 (2005) 7836

A.A. Bulychev, P.W.J. van den Wijngaard, A.H. de Boer
Spatial coordination of chloroplast and plasma membrane activities in Chara cells and its disruption through inactivation of 14-3-3 proteins.
Biochemistry (Moscow) 70 (2005) 55

P.J.E. van den Wijngaard, I. Roobeek, G.A. Reumer, J.N.M. Mol, M. Wang, A.H. de Boer
Role of 14-3-3 regulated K+ channels in ABA and FC controlled embryonic root growth.
Plant J. 41 (2005) 43

M. Smoluch, H. Joshi, A. Gerssen, C. Gooijer, G. van der Zwan
Fast excited-state intramolecular proton transfer and subnanosecond dynamic stokes shift of time-resolved fluorescence spectra of the 5-methoxysalicylic acid/diethyl ether complex
J. Phys. Chem. A 109 (2005) 535-541.

R.J. Dijkstra, F. Ariese, C. Gooijer, U.A.T. Brinkman
Raman spectroscopy as a detection method for liquid-separation techniques.
TrAC, 24 (2005) 304-323.

J. Neugebauer, E.J. Baerends, E.V. Efremov, F. Ariese, C. Gooijer
Combined theoretical and experimental deep-UV resonance Raman studies of substituted pyrenes
J Phys Chem A, 109 (2005) 2100-2106.

A. Stortelder, J.B. Buijs, J. Bulthuis, S.M. van der Vies, C. Gooijer, G. van der Zwan
Time-resolved fluorescence of the bacteriophage T4 capsid protein gp23
J. Photochem. Photobiol. B. 78 (2005) 53-60.

C. Garcia-Ruiz, M.J. Scholtes, F. Ariese, C. Gooijer
Enantioselective detection of chiral phosphorescent analytes in cyclodextrin complexes
Talanta, 66 (2005) 641-645.

C. Garcia-Ruiz, X.S. Hu, F. Ariese, C. Gooijer
Enantioselective room temperature phosphorescence detection of non-phosphorescent analytes based on interaction with beta-cyclodextrin/1-bromonaphthalene complexes
Talanta, 66 (2005) 634-640.

A.N. Bader, M.M.van Dongen, M.M.H. van Lipzig, J. Kool, J.H.N. Meerman, F. Ariese, C. Gooijer
The chemical interaction between the estrogen receptor and monohydroxybenzo[a]pyrene derivatives studied by FLN spectroscopy.
Chem Res Toxicol, 18 (2005) 1405-1412.

J. Hirata, L.P. Chung, F. Ariese, H. Irth, C. Gooijer
Coupling of size-exclusion chromatography to a continuous assay for Subtilisin using a fluorescence resonance energy transfer peptide substrate: Testing of two standard inhibitors.
J. of Chromatography A, 1081 (2005) 140-144.

B.Kükrer Kaletas, C. Mandl, G. van der Zwan, M. Fanti, F. Zerbetto, L. De Cola, B. Konig, R.M. Williams
Unexpected photophysical properties of symmetric indolylmaleimide derivatives
J. Phys. Chem. A 109 (2005) 6440-6449.

B.Kükrer Kaletas, H. Joshi, G. van der Zwan, M. Fanti, F. Zerbetto, K. Goubitz, L. De Cola, B. Konig, R.M. Williams
Asymmetric indolylmaleimide derivatives and their complexation with zinc(II)-cyclen
J. Phys. Chem. A 109 (2005) 9443-9455.

B.van den Broek, M.C. Noom, G.J.L. Wuite
DNA-tension dependence of restriction enzyme activity reveals mechanochemical properties of the reaction pathway
Nucleic Acids Res. 33, 2676-84, 2005

R.T. Dame, J. van Mameren, M.S. Luijsterburg, M.E. Mysiak, A. Janicijevic, G. Pazdzior, P.C. van der Vliet, C. Wyman, G.J.L. Wuite
Analysis of scanning force microscopy images of protein-induced DNA bending using simulations
Nucleic Acids Res. 33, e68, 2005
See also: Online supporting software

R.T. Dame, M.S. Luijsterburg, E. Krin, P.N. Bertin, R. Wagner and G.J.L. Wuite
DNA bridging: a property shared among H-NS-like proteins
J. Bacteriol. 187, 1845-8 (2005)

R.T. Dame
The role of nucleoid-associated proteins in the organization and compaction of bacterial chromatin
Mol. Microbiol. 56, 858-70, 2005

G.S. Agarwal, A. Dogariu, T.D. Visser and E. Wolf
Generation of complete coherence in Young's interference experiment with random, mutually uncorrelated electromagnetic beams
Opt. Lett. 30, (2005) 120-122

E. Tangdiongga, X. Yang, Z. Li, Y. Liu, D. Lenstra, G.K. Khoe, H.J.S. Dorren
Optical flip-flop based on two-coupled mode-locked ring lasers
IEEE Photonics Techn. Lett. 17, 208-210 (2005)

H. Ju, S. Zhang, D. Lenstra, H. de Waardt, E. Tangdiongga, G.D. Khoe, H.J.S. Dorren
SOA-based all-optical switch with subpicosecond full recovery
Optics Express 13, 942-947 (2005)

D. Lenstra, G. Vemuri, M. Yousefi
Generalized optical feedback
Theory Chapter 3 in: D. Kane, A. Shore, Eds., Unlocking dynamical diversity: Optical feedback effects on semiconductor lasers, Wiley, 55-80 (2005)

S.M. Wieczorek, B. Krauskopf, T.B. Simpson, D. Lenstra
The dynamical complexity of optically injected semiconductor lasers
Phys. Rep. (2005) in press

S.M. Wieczorek, B. Krauskopf
Bifurcations of n-homoclinic orbits in optically injected lasers
Nonlinearity 18 (2005) 1095-1120

J.P. England, B. Krauskopf and H.M. Osinga
Bifurcations of stable sets in noninvertible planar maps
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos 15 (2005) 891-904

J. Sieber and B. Krauskopf
Extending the permissible control loop latency for the controlled inverted pendulum
Dynamical Systems 20 (2005) 189-199

B. Krauskopf , H.M. Osinga, E.J. Doedel, M.E. Henderson, J. Guckenheimer, A. Vladimirsky, M. Dellnitz, O. Junge
A survey of methods for computing (un)stable manifolds of vector fields
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos 15 (2005) 763-791
featured on the cover!

A. Gijsbertsen, H. Linnartz, G. Rus, A.E. Wiskerke, S. Stolte, D.W. Chandler, J. Klos
Differential cross sections for collisions of hexapole state-selected NO with He
J. Chem. Phys. 123 (2005) 224305

E.A. Volkers, M.C. Koudijzer, A. Vredenborg, J. Bulthuis, S. Stolte, H. Linnartz, R. Jost
The A2B2 - X2A1 electronic transition of 15NO2: a rovibronic survey covering 14300 - 18000 cm-1
J. Mol. Spectr. 234 (2005) 270

H. Verbraak, J.N.P. van Stralen, J. Bouwman, J.S. de Klerk, D. Verdes, H. Linnartz, F.M. Bickelhaupt
High resolution infrared spectroscopy of the charge transfer complex [Ar-N2]+;
a combined experimental / theoretical study
J. Chem. Phys. 123 (2005) 144305

A. Gijsbertsen, H. Linnartz, J. Klos, S. Stolte
What is wrong with the steric asymmetry in atom molecule collisions
Phys. Scripta / CAMOP 72 (2005) C1

A.J. van den Brom, T.P. Rakitzis, M.H.M. Janssen
State-to-state photodissociation of OCS (v2=0,1 |JlM). II The effect of initial bending on coherence of S(1D2) polarization
J. Chem. Phys. 123 (2005) 164313

E.G. Andrizhiyevskaya, A. Chojnicka, J.A. Bautista, B.A. Diner, R. van Grondelle, J.P. Dekker
Origin of the F685 and F695 fluorescence in photosystem II
Photosynth. Res. 84, 2005, p. 173-180 [pdf]

S. Bonsma, R. Purchase, S. Jezowski, J. Gallus, F. Konz, S. Volker
Green and red fluorescent proteins: Photo- and thermally induced dynamics probed by site-selective spectroscopy and hole burning
Chem. Phys. Chem. 6, 2005, p. 838-849 [pdf]

J.P. Dekker, E.J. Boekema
Supramolecular organization of thylakoid membrane proteins in green plants
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1706, 2005, p. 12-39 [pdf]

A.B. Doust, I.H.M. van Stokkum, D.S. Larsen, K.E. Wilk, P.M.G. Curmi, R. van Grondelle, G.D. Scholes
Mediation of ultrafast light-harvesting by a central dimer in phycoerythrin 545 studied by transient absorption and global analysis
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, p. 14219-14226 [pdf]

D. Frolov, M.C. Wakeham, E.G. Andrizhiyevskaya, M.R. Jones, R. van Grondelle
Investigation of B-branch electron transfer by femtosecond time resolved spectroscopy in a Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction centre that lacks the QA ubiquinone
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1707, 2005, p. 189-198 [pdf]

M. Gauden, S. Yeremenko, W. Laan, I.H.M. van Stokkum, J.A. Ihalainen, R. van Grondelle, K.J. Hellingwerf, J.T.M. Kennis
Photocycle of the flavin-binding photoreceptor AppA, a bacterial transcriptional anti-repressor of photosynthesis genes
Biochemistry 44, 2005, p. 3653-3662 [pdf]

K. Gibasiewicz, R. Croce, T. Morosinotto, J.A. Ihalainen, I.H.M. van Stokkum, J.P. Dekker, R. Bassi, R. van Grondelle
Excitation energy transfer pathways in Lhca4
Biophys. J. 88, 2005, p. 1959-1969 [pdf]

K. Gibasiewicz, A. Szrajner, J.A. Ihalainen, M. Germano, J.P. Dekker, R. van Grondelle
Characterization of low-energy chlorophylls in the PSI-LHCI supercomplex from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. A site-selective fluorescence study
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, p. 21180-21186 [pdf]

R. van Grondelle, B. Gobets
Transfer and trapping of excitations in plant photosystems
Chlorophyll a fluorescence, a signature of photosynthesis (C.C. Papageorgiou and Govindjee, eds.), Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, 2005, p. 107-132

J.A. Ihalainen, R. Croce, T. Morosinotto, I.H.M. van Stokkum, R. Bassi, J.P. Dekker, R. van Grondelle
Excitation decay pathways of Lhca proteins; A time-resolved fluorescence study
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, p. 21150-21158 [pdf]

J.A. Ihalainen, S. D'Haene, N. Yeremenko, H. van Roon, A.A. Arteni, E.J. Boekema, R. van Grondelle, H.C.P. Matthijs, J.P. Dekker
Aggregates of the chlorophyll-binding protein IsiA (CP43') dissipate energy in cyanobacteria
Biochemistry 44, 2005, p. 10846-10853 [pdf]

J.A. Ihalainen, F. Klimmek, U. Ganeteg, I.H.M. van Stokkum, R. van Grondelle, S. Jansson, J.P. Dekker
Excitation energy trapping in photosystem I complexes depleted in Lhca1 and Lhca4
FEBS Lett. 579, 2005, p. 4787-4791 [pdf]

J.A. Ihalainen, I.H.M. van Stokkum, K. Gibasiewicz, M. Germano, R. van Grondelle, J.P. Dekker
Kinetics of excitation trapping in intact photosystem I of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Arabidopsis thaliana
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1706, 2005, p. 267-275 [pdf]

F. Klimmek, U. Ganeteg, J.A. Ihalainen, H. van Roon, P.E. Jensen, H.V. Scheller, J.P. Dekker, S. Jansson
Structure of higher plant light-harvesting complex I - in vivo characterization and structural interdependence of the Lhca proteins
Biochemistry 44, 2005, p. 3065-3073 [pdf]

R. Kouril, A.A. Arteni, J. Lax, N. Yeremenko, S. D'Haene, M. Rögner, H.C.P. Matthijs, J.P. Dekker, E.J. Boekema
Structure and functional role of supercomplexes of IsiA and photosystem I in cyanobacterial photosynthesis
FEBS Lett. 579, 2005, p. 3253-3257 [pdf]

R. Kouril, N. Yeremenko, S. D'Haene, G.T. Oostergetel, H.C.P. Matthijs, J.P. Dekker, E.J. Boekema
Supercomplexes of IsiA and photosystem I in a mutant lacking subunit PsaL
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1706, 2005, p. 262-266 [pdf]

R. Kouril, A. Zygadlo, A.A. Arteni, C.D. de Wit, J.P. Dekker, P.E. Jensen, H.V. Scheller, E.J. Boekema
Structural characterization of a complex of photosystem I and light-harvesting complex II of Arabidopsis thaliana
Biochemistry 44, 2005, p. 10935-10940 [pdf]

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Initial photoinduced dynamics of the photoactive yellow protein
Chem. Phys. Chem. 6, 2005, p. 828-837 [pdf]

V.I. Novoderezhkin, E.G. Andrizhiyevskaya, J.P. Dekker, R. van Grondelle
Pathways and timescales of primary charge separation in the photosystem II reaction center as revealed by a simultaneous fit of time-resolved fluorescence and transient absorption
Biophys. J. 89, 2005, p. 1464-1481 [pdf]

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Bioinspired energy conversion
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Photosynth. Res. 86, 2005, p. 241-250 [pdf]

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Strong effects of an individual water molecule on the rate of light-driven charge separation in the Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction center
J. Biol. Chem. 280, 2005, p. 27155-27164 [pdf]

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How light-induced charge transfer accelerates the receptor-state recovery of photoactive yellow protein from its signalling state
Biophys. J. 89, 2005, p. L64-L66 [pdf]

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J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, p. 15589-15597 [pdf]

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Optics and Spectroscopy 98, 2005, p. 699-711

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Fluorescence spectroscopy of conformational changes of single LH2 complexes
Biophys. J. 88, 2005, p. 422-435 [pdf]

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J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 2005, p. 4197-4208 [pdf]

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Replacement or exclusion of the B-branch bacteriopheophytin in the purple bacterial reaction centre: The HB cofactor is not required for assembly or core function of the Rhodobacter sphaeroides complex
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1710, 2005, p. 34-46 [pdf]

S.-O. Wenk, D. Schneider, U. Boronowsky, C. Jäger, C. Klughammer, F.L. de Weerd, H. van Roon, W.F.J. Vermaas, J.P. Dekker, M. Rögner
Functional implications of pigments bound to a cyanobacterial cytochrome b6f complex
FEBS J. 272, 2005, p. 585-592 [pdf]

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Review of Scientific Instruments 76 (2005), 123103

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Chem. Eur. J. 11 (2005), 1251-1256

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Rectangular Optical Pulse generation by Nonlinear Directional
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