PhD defenses at LaserLaB in 2015

Boy Braaf (Cum Laude)   
Angiography and Polarimetry of the posterior eye with functional Optical Coherence Tomography
promotor: Johannes de Boer
defense: 19 March 2015

Ziyu Gu
Spontaneous Rayleigh-Brillouin Scattering     
promotores: Wim Ubachs; copromotor: Willem van de Water
defense: 23 March 2015


Bram Prevo
Kinesin Illuminated
promotor: Erwin Peterman; copromotor: Jonathan Scholey
defense: 27 March 2015


Julija Bagdonaite
Search for a variation of the proton-electron mass ratio from molecular hydrogen and methanol
promotores: Wim Ubahcs, Lex Kaper; copromotor: Michael Murphy
defense: 7 April 2015


Conseng Meng
Femtosecond laser detection of xenon and Stark decelerated polyatomic molecules (pdf)
promotor: W.M.G. Ubachs, copromotor: H.L. Bethlem
Defense: 30 June 2015