PhD's at LaserLaB Amsterdam 2011


Dominik Kandula
XUV Frequency Comb Metrology and the Ground State of Helium
promotores: K.S.E. Eikema, W.M.G. Ubachs
defense: 1 December 2011

Izabela Piechocka
Biopolymers: from Structural Hierarchy to Nonlinear Rheology 
promotores: Prof. dr. Gijsje Koenderink and Prof. dr. Fred MacKintosh
defense: 23 November 2011

Silvia Tardioli
Optical methods for structure elucidation of protein-ligand interactions:
fluorescence and ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopy
promotores: prof. dr. C. Gooijer & dr. G. van der Zwan
defense: 15 November 2011

Ivonne Lammers
Chiral discrimination by phosphorescence
Promotores: prof. dr. C. Gooijer & dr. F. Ariese
defense: 14 November 2011

Marina Soares e Silva
Structure and dynamics of active actio-myosin networdk- An in vitro perspective
promotres: Prof.dr. Gijsje H. Koenderink, Prof.dr. Frederick C. MacKintosh
defense: 21 October 2011-12-09

Andreas Stahl
Structurefunction relationship in photosynthetic and photo-active proteins: A mid-Infrared investigation with femtosecond time resolution
promotores: prof. dr. M.L. Groot and prof. dr. R. van Grondelle
defense: 30 September 2011

Van-Anh Nguyen
Photoinduced processes in functionalized and organized dye systems
promotor: A.M. Brouwer, co-promotores: R.M. Williams and Le Cong Hoa
defense: 21 September 2011

Anne Lisa Wolf
Frequency comb spectroscopy on trapped calcium ions
promotores: prof. dr. K.S.E. Eikema and prof. dr. W.M.G. Ubachs, co-promotor: S van den Berg
defense: 7 July 2011

Yu Wang
Structured doping of upconversion nanosystems for biological applications
promotor: W.J. Buma and X.G. Kong, co-promotor: H. Zhang and M.C.G. Aalders
defense: 5 July 2011

Rolf Bremmer
Non-contact spectroscopic age determination of bloodstains
promotor: prof. dr. A.G.J.M. van Leeuwen, co-promotor: dr. ir. M.C.G. Aalders
defense: 29 June 2011

Tjaard Krueger
From Disorder to Order: The functional flexibility of single plant light-harvesting complexes (Cum Laude)
promotor: prof. dr. R. van Grondelle
defense: 30 June 2011

Sven de Man
Divide et Impera (Cum Laude)
promotores: R.P. Griessen, D. Iannuzzi
defense: 14 June 2011

Tanzeela Nazir Raja
Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging of dynamics and microstructure of acrylic polymer emulsions
Promotor: A.M. Brouwer
Defense: 14 June 2011

Peter Gross
The DNA double helix challenged by force.
promotores: G.J.L. Wuite, E.J.G. Peterman
defense: 19 May 2011

Chase Brodersz
Mechanics and dynaics of biopolymer networks (Cum Laude)
promotor: F.C. MacKintosh
defense: 16 May 2011

Thomas van Dijk
Experimental and Theoretical studies in Optical Coherence Theory (pdf)
promotores: T.D. Visser, W. Ubachs
defense: 4 April 2011

Elisabeth Romero Mesa
The electronic structure of photosystem II. Charge seperation dynamics
Promotor:  prof. dr. Rienk van Grondelle, co-promotor dr. Jan Dekker
Defense: 25 March 2011

Siet van den Wildenberg
Single-protein motion on microtubules and in cell membranes
promotores: C.F. Schmidt and S.M. van der Vies, copromotor: E.J.G. Peterman
defense: 2 February 2011

Szymon Smolarek
UV and IR laser spectroscopy of isolated molecular structural dynamics
Promotor: W.J. Buma
Co-promotor: M. Drabbels and A.M. Rijs
Defense: 26 January 2011

Anitha Shanmugham
Exploring events along the bacterial Twin arginine Transport pathway
promotor: H. Lill, co-promotor: Y. Bollen
defense: 20 Januari 2011