Phd's at LCVU 2008

PhD's at LCVU in 2008


Tom Jeltes
Quantum Statistical effects in ultracold gases of metastable helium
promotor: W. Hogervorst; copromotor: W. Vassen
defense: 11 March 2008

Roel Zinkstok
Direct frequency comb spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet
promotor: W. Hogervorst; copromotor: K.S.E. Eikema
defense: 19 March 2008

M.L. Lipciuc
High resolution slice imaging of nonadiabatic state-to-state photodynamics
defense: 20 May 2008

Harald E. Verbaak
High resolution Infrared Spectroscopy of Ionic Complexes
defense: 10 June 2008

Maarten Noom
Mechanisms of DNA Organization Unraveled with Novel Single-Molecule Methods
promotor: Fred MacKintosh, co-promotor: Gijs Wuite
defense: 16 June 2008

Joost van Mameren
Integrating Single-Molecule Visualization and DNA Micromanipulation
promotor: Fred MacKintosh, co-promotors: Erwin Peterman, Gijs Wuite
defense: 26 June 2008

Evtim V. Efremov
Advances in analytical resonance Raman spectroscopy
defense: 8 Oktober 2008

Andre Tychkov
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Metastable Helium Atoms
promotor: Wim Hogervorst, co-promotor: Wim Vassen
defense: 6 November 2008

Lineke van der Sneppen
Liquid-phase cavity ring=down spectroscopy for improved analytical detections sensitivity
promotors: Wim Ubachs, Cees Gooijer, co-promotor: Freek Ariese
defense: 10 November 2008

Diego Millo
Combined electrochemistry and Raman spectrsocopy of heme proteins
defense: 11 November 2008

Katharine Mullen

defense: 17 November 2008

Maxime Alexandre

defense: 25 November 2008