Phd's at LCVU 2005

PhD's at LCVU in 2005

Arjen Bader
Fluorescent probes and their local environment studied under high-resolution conditions
promotor: C. Gooijer; copromotor: F. Ariese
defense: 22 Nov. 2005

Hugo Schouten
Light transmission through sub-wavelength apertures
promotores: D. Lenstra and H. Blok; copromotor: T. Visser
defense: 22 Nov. 2005

Dmitrij Frolov
B-branch electron transfer in bacterial reaction centers
promotor: R. van Grondelle
defense: 11 Nov. 2005

Roland Stas
Trapping fermionic and bosonic helium atoms (PDF-file)
promotor: W. Hogervorst; copromotor: W. Vassen
defense: 1 Jun. 2005

Sofia Georgakopoulou
Circular dichroism and ring structures
promotor: R. van Grondelle; copromotor: G. van der Zwan
defense: 17 Mar. 2005

Elena Andrizhiyevskaya
Energy transfer and trapping in photosynthetic complexes with variable antenna size
promotor: R. van Grondelle;copromotor: J.P. Dekker
defense: 1 Mar. 2005

Miguel Palacios
Excitonic interactions and energy transfer in the light-harvesting complex II of plants
promotores: R. van Grondelle and H. van Amerongen
defense: 24 Feb. 2005

Marc Smits
Multi active electron effects in the strong field ionization of transition metal atoms and clusters (PDF-file)
promotores: W. Ubachs and C.A. de Lange; copromotor: A. Stolow
defense: 22 Feb. 2005

Paul Tol
Trapping and evaporative cooling of metastable helium (PDF-file)
promotor: W. Hogervorst; copromotor: W. Vassen
defense: 9 Feb. 2005

Mikas Vengris
Biological photoreactions explored by multi-pulse ultrafast spectroscopy
promotor: R. van Grondelle
defense: 1 Feb. 2005