ERC Consolidator grant for Dr. Stefan Witte

Stefan Witte receives a grant of two million euros of the European Research Council (ERC).

12/13/2019 | 12:31 PM

Associate professor at the department of physics and a group leader at the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL) Stefan Witte receives his ERC Consolidator Grant for the proposal entitled “Seeing the invisible: light-based 3D imaging of opaque nanostructures”. Witte will use this grant to develop new imaging methods that will enable high-resolution imaging of nanostructures. Complex nanostructures play an increasingly important role in society, as they form the basis of the integrated circuits found in modern electronic devices such as smartphones. But as such structures become smaller and more complex, accurate characterization of their structure and function becomes challenging. Witte and his research group will develop imaging techniques that use soft-X-ray radiation as well as acoustic waves, produced by ultrafast laser pulses, to produce 3D images with a resolution well beyond what optical microscopes can achieve, even for structures that are completely opaque to visible light.

European Research Council Consolidator Grant
De ERC Consolidator Grant is one of the largest research grants in Europe for researchers who want to further expand a research group. 301 top scientists throughout Europe receive a total of €600 million.