Annual LaserLaB Symposium



Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, W&N-building, De Boelelaan 1081, lecture room Q105.

Annual LaserLaB Symposium 2019

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Conference / Symposium / Seminar

Location:  W&N Building, room Q105

13:00    Kjeld Eikema (director of LaserLaB)
            Johannes de Boer
            Imaging center, "Perspectief" Grant
13:20    Marco Capitanio (LENS, Florence, Italy)
            “Interrogating biomolecules with the force of light

14:10    Coffee M0-hall

14:40    Lukas Reichsöllner (WZI, University of Amsterdam)
            “Towards quantum simulation with dipolar RbSr ground-state molecules”
15:00    Martijn Tros (Energy)
            "Expanding light harvesting towards the Far-red: Functional integration of Chlorophyll f in Photosystem I"
15:20    Ruud van der Beek (Physics of Light)
            "The world's first matter-wave interferometer with a metastable helium Bose-Einstein Condensate”
15:40    Xavier Attendu (Light & tissue)
            “Combined optical coherence tomography and multispectral imaging”

16:00    Coffee M0-hall

16:30    Imran Avci (Biophotonics & Microscopy)
            "COMB-O: Monolithic Label-free Optical Biosensors for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer”
16:50    Maisie Du (ARCNL)
            "Measuring laser beam quality, wavefronts, and lens aberrations using ptychography"
17:10    Max Paradiz Dominguez (Analytical Chemistry & Spectroscopy)
             "Structural excited state dynamics of a BODIPY-based microrheology probe"
17:30    Noémie Danné (Molecular & Cellular Biophysics)
             "LASERs serving biology: a single-molecule view on how C. elegans senses its environment"

17:50    Presentation of the Best Paper Award
Location: The Basket, Campusplein

18:00    Drinks & dinner

Location: W&N Building, room Q105

20:00    Frans Snik (Astronomy, Leiden University)
            "A polarized view of (exo)planets"

Location: The Basket, Campusplein

20:45    Drinks

Programme (pdf)

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