Prizes and grants 2015

Prizes and grants 2015

ERC Advanced grant

Prof.dr. Wim Ubachs
(2.5 million Euros, 20 April 2015)


ERC Proof-of-Concept grant

Prof.dr. Gijs Wuite
(150.000 Euros, 6 February 2015)


EU-Grant: H2020 project ‘ASTERICS’

Dr. Jeroen Koelemeij
(900.000 Euros, 7 May 2015)


Netherlands Space Office

Dr. Freek Ariese
(260.000 Euros, 28 June 2015)



Dr. Wouter Roos
(400.000 Euros, 25 March 2015)


STW 'Open Technologieprogramma'

Dr. Jeroen Koelemeij
(1.400.000 Euros, February 2015) A joint project with TU Delft, in which we will demonstrate real-life 'SuperGPS' positioning on a Dutch highway, with support from TNO, KPN, VSL, Fugro and OPNT.



Dr. Jeroen Koelemeij
(800.000 Euros, February 2015) Work package in a 15 M€ Horizon2020 project, in which we collaborate with astronomers and Surfnet to provide timing via optical fiber for VLBI and LOFAR. Same technology, different application.


STW onderzoeksprogramma Research Through Design

Dr. Raoul Frese
(235.000 Euros, 19 November) Biosolarcells to Mars.



Prof. dr. Wim Ubachs

(24.690 Euros, 7 December) Collaboration with China, Wuhan.