Light and Tissue

Program manager: Prof.dr. Ton van Leeuwen

The research activities in the program “Light and Tissue” at the Academic Medical Center focus on the physics of the interaction of light with tissue, and to use that knowledge for the development, introduction and clinical evaluation of (newly developed) optical imaging techniques for gathering quantitative functional and molecular information of tissue. Within our group, we focus on optical techniques as optical coherence tomography (OCT), spectrographic monitoring and imaging, photo-acoustic and fluorescence imaging, along the following research lines:

1. Functional imaging and forensic applications: VIDI grant of Dr Aalders, in cooperation with Neonatology, Ophthalmology and the Netherlands Forensic Institute.

2. Molecular imaging: VENI grant of Dr Faber, with clinical spin-offs towards Ophthalmology and Urology and the NKI.

3. Integration and combination of different imaging technologies, (“from cleanroom to clinic”) in cooperation with TU/e, UT, gastro-enterology and experimental clinical chemistry.