Program manager: Prof.dr. Roberta Croce

Energy Research in LaserLaB Amsterdam is focused on the study of the fundamental events of the natural process of Photosynthesis. These include the capture of solar photons, the transfer of the electronic excitation to the photosynthetic reaction center where a charge separation is driven. All these events occur on a timescale of 10-15 to 10-9 seconds and are studied with ultrafast pulsed lasers using techniques such as pump-probe spectroscopy in the visible and mid-infrared, multi-dimensional photon echo, streak-camera detected fluorescence. Based on this knowledge artificial, bio-inspired photosynthetic systems are designed and studied using the same methods with the aim to develop a future 'bio-solar cell'. A recent development is the study of anorganic catalytic crystals that are designed to oxidize water by light.