Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy

Research in the area of analytical chemistry and spectroscopy. Dedicated to both fundamental science and applications, with a close connection to industry.

Biophotonics and Microscopy

The goal of this research program is to develop the next generation optical techniques for the diagnosis, understanding, and treatment of disease.


The study of fundamental events of the natural process of Photosynthesis are the focus of the Energy Research Program.

Laser Based Microscopy

In this program we develop nonlinear and coherent microscopic tools for studies on cellulair and tissue scale in the field of neurobiomedical research.

Light and Tissue

In this program we use knowledge of the physics of the interaction of light with tissue for gathering quantitative functional and molecular information of tissue.

Physics of Light

This program focuses on methids to cool, manipulate and trap atoms, molecules and ions.

Molecular Biophysics

The aim of this program is to work with increasingly complex assemblies of biomolecules in order to investigate the emergent properties from these systems.